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Tailwind - Staff Software Engineer

Dear Tailwind Labs,

I would like to apply for the Staff Software Engineer position.

First of all, thank you for building Tailwind, utility class is awesome! Tailwind fundamentally changes how we develop web applications. Also, Refactoring UI book changed my perspective on designing a better UI.

About me, I am a Human :) Web and Native Engineer with 6 years of experience. I don't have a CS degree, I changed my career in 2017 and never regretted it.

I might not have much experience building OSS, but I have experienced contributing to OSS (i.e. FCC curriculum teaching CSS grid - 2019).

While I love to be one of the researchers in Tailwind Labs, I often have an impostor syndrome. I always work remotely and am capable of working without much supervision. I'm available to work in your timezone UTC+1 (currently I am working in UTC+0 timezone).

I'm kind of obsessed with programming. I've spent a lot of time learning something new or going deep into certain topics. I usually spent 40-50 hours a week coding.

Teaching myself something new like playing around with Ruby on Rails, getting to know how to create a web server in C++, or setting up a new Todo app with Django and HTMX. I relentlessly pursue learning opportunities.

Currently, I'm focusing on learning Rust from the "Zero To Production" book. It is quite challenging coming from a JS developer to learn static-type language, but this is fun.

Thank you for reading my cover letter, have a great spring season!

Warm regards,

Abraham A. Agung

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